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People seek out NUCCA care because they have a wide variety of ailments. Our patients come to us with migraines, menstrual cramps, constipation, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, trigeminal neuralgia, and sciatica to name a few.

There is no condition, chronic disease, or vague array of symptoms that the body itself cannot heal—even if doctors can’t give it a name. But research has shown that the body is incapable of healing itself if the complex network that tells the body what to do, the nervous system, is not functioning optimally. If there is a poor signal going from your brain out to the other cells, tissues, and organs in your body, there is a poor chance that they are going to function as they ought. But how does that message get interrupted?

The most important parts of your nervous system are encased in a bony fortification. This is because if they are damaged in any way, you would simply not be able to function properly. The command center, your brain, is in a thick bony vault. Your spinal cord is encased in the tightly interlocked vertebrae of your spine. There is only one weakness: where your skull meets your spine. In order to have the wonderful ability to turn your head in all directions, Nature sacrificed a little bit of stability for mobility. As a result, the top vertebra in your spine, known as Atlas, is very often slightly misaligned, which can put pressure on your brain stem, the critical part of your nervous system where the brain connects with the spinal cord, through which every signal must pass.

In chiropractic, we call this misalignment a subluxation, which means a misalignment not quite as severe as a dislocation. How did your atlas become subluxated? It can happen in many ways. Have you ever had a good bump on the head? It’s estimated that by age 5 the average child has had 5,000 falls. While most of them are not serious, at least one can be significant enough to cause a subluxation. Have you ever witnessed a child birth? Up to 20 pounds of force are applied to the baby’s neck during delivery. Most people are subluxated from birth. It’s no wonder that we have such a sick society if we can’t even hit the ground running!

The best way to determine whether or not we can help you is by making an appointment and stopping by. Check out our What to Expect page to see what will happen under NUCCA care.