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Posted on 11-18-2014

For most people, there is no more frightening prospect than a diagnosis of cancer. The word alone makes the blood rush from many people’s faces. It takes many lives, but often, despite all odds and against medical understanding, people’s bodies fight back and destroy the cancer inside, leaving doctors scratching their heads.

This doesn’t happen only with cancer, but with every disease, condition, and illness imaginable. Why—and how— does this happen?

Inside of your body is the most powerful and competent pharmacy known to man. Your immune system knows how to find and destroy sick cells. It knows how to repair damaged tissues. Its knowledge doesn’t come from medical textbooks or FDA experiments. It comes from the Intelligence that created you. Any case of “spontaneous” remission or healing isn’t spontaneous at all. It is your inner wisdom doing its job and healing you from the inside. For many people, this ability has been impaired. But rather than remove the interference to your body doing its job, conventional wisdom says that we should put something in your body to do the job instead. Upper Cervical Chiropractic is able to REMOVE the interference and allow your body to function once more the way God intended. This is the only path to real and permanent healing, and there is nothing spontaneous about it. It is a Law of Nature, written in your body from the day you were born!

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