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Posted on 12-28-2014

It’s the holidays, and for many that means high stress: worry about finances, memories of loved ones passed, mounting social demands. This can translate into poor sleep. But for many, low sleep quality is a way of life. Some find it difficult falling asleep, for others it is staying asleep, and many others simply find their sleep completely unrefreshing. They wake up in the morning feeling as if they didn’t sleep at all.

The consequences of this are just as bad: fatigue, trouble concentrating, poor memory, anxiety, irritability, suffering relationships and poor work or school performance. But what many don’t realize is that insomnia is usually a sign of a much deeper, serious problem.

Sleep is regulated by centers in your brainstem, the lowest part of your brain that extends down into your upper neck. Even though racing thoughts and stress may not help, ultimately when, how, and even if you sleep are decided by your brainstem. When it is functioning properly, sleep is not at an issue. When sleep is an issue, it’s a likely thing that your brainstem is being interfered with. This spells bad news, because your brainstem controls every vital function in your body! We cannot live long without a proper nerve supply from the brainstem, at least not with a good quality of life. Most people with insomnia will find that they have other health issues as well, whether mental, emotional, digestive, headaches, or chronic pain of one sort or another. That is because they all stem from a single cause—brainstem interference.

At Wood Chiropractic, we specialize in identifying and eliminating brainstem interference so that you can stop suffering and start thriving. Call us today at 814.366.2366 for a complimentary consultation to see if we can help you with your chronic insomnia and other ongoing health problems.

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