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Posted on 04-28-2016

This time each year, the supermarket displays are filled with every type of allergy medication known to man. They all have the same goal in mind—shutting off your body’s natural immune response.

Allergy attacks, whether mild or severe, are an exaggerated response from your immune system. Your own body is recognizing relatively harmless particles, like pollen or pet dander, as threats to your health. As a result, your immune system launches an all-out assault on these allergens with coughingitching,running noseswatering eyes, and wheezing, all in an attempt to isolate and remove the harmless invaders.

Why does your body do this? Because your nervous system, which controls your immune response, is stressed out. Just like you are more likely to snap in every day situations when you are stressed out, likewise your nervous system is more prone to exaggerated reactions to relatively normal events. That’s why ordinarily harmless particles, like pollen, trigger such a strong response from your immune system.

So how does the nervous system end up being so stressed out? Because of interference from the inside. That interference often comes from emotional stress or dietary factors, but the leading cause is vertebral subluxation, which is a misalignment in the upper neck. This misaligned bone causes pressure on the brainstem and stress throughout the body. When an upper cervical chiropractor adjusts the misalignment, normal function is restored and your body no longer sees a threat in pollen or dander.

Why silence your body’s immune system when you can work with nature and strengthen your body’s innate ability to heal?

If you suffer from allergies, your body is telling you it’s time to get your nervous system checked. Call 814.368.1100 and get your health back on track!

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