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Right now in the United States there are 31 million people suffering with low back pain. It is the most common reason for missed work, and over half of working Americans will suffer from back pain this year. Matters only get worse when sciatica develops, with pain and numbness shooting down one or both legs.

Many options exist for those who suffer from back pain and sciatica, including injections, exercises, pills, surgery, and massage. But while these offer short-term relief, none of them are long-term solutions, with pain returning days or sometimes even hours after. Surgeries are so unsuccessful that there is actually a medical diagnosis called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. This depressing fact can leave many feeling like they may have to live with debilitating pain for the rest of their lives.

Nearly half of those who have come to Wood Chiropractic initially came because of back pain or sciatica, and many have found relief or complete resolution of their symptoms, because NUCCA care removes the cause.

How can an adjustment in the upper neck help back pain and sciatica shooting down into the legs and feet? For many, that’s a tough pill to swallow, but the proof is in our numerous patients who have had success and took control of their lives again.

When someone has an atlas subluxation causing nervous system dysfunction, their postural muscles misfire, twisting them up and placing stresses throughout the body. Over time, these stresses cause inflammation and degeneration in the weight bearing joints, especially the low back, hips, and knees. 

Once balance is restored to the nervous system, the body straightens out and those stresses disappear, together with the pain they were causing. Your body has it’s own built-in alternative to drugs or surgery!

Here is a testimonial from just one of our many satisfied patients who initially came to us with chronic low back pain.

Back Pain FAQs

Q: What causes back pain?

A: Back pain can have many causes, but most people can never pinpoint an exact even or injury that caused their current pain. When they can, it is usually an activity that should have never caused any pain in a healthy person (i.e. tying a shoe, picking up a child, or just getting out of bed). This is because most back pain is the result of years of an imbalanced spine. When a person's nervous system is dysfunctioning, their muscles spasm and twist them up. After years and years of being twisted up with no real symptoms, the stresses and strains on your body finally reach their breaking point. At Wood Chiropractic, we remove nervous system interference so that your muscles can fire properly, getting you untwisted and out of pain.

Q: My back pain used to go away on its own, but this time it hasn't. Why?

A: All of your past bouts of back pain have been your body's attempt to tell you that there is a bigger problem (see above). Each time you ignored it and the pain subsided, the problem remained. So, you're body kept sending out alarms of pain. If your pain is not going away this time, it is because your body is pulling out all of the stops to tell you that there is a problem and prevent you from injuring yourself further. Please have you body and nervous system examined as soon as possible!

Q: I've had back surgery in the past but it hasn't helped. Is it too late for me to be under NUCCA care?

A: Unfortunately, the majority of people who undergo surgery for their back pain find no relief. Often, things are worse than before. At Wood Chiropractic, the care we have delivered to patients who were scheduled for surgeries resulted in a lot of canceled operations. But even people who didn't find us until after their surgeries have great results with NUCCA care. We do what no surgery can—remove the cause of your back pain.