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Many find it surprising how many people come to Wood Chiropractic because of digestive complaints. Even more are surprised when they come in for a common ailment such as back pain, only to find that their digestion has significantly improved.

Conditions such as acid reflux, irritable bowl syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and chronic constipation often do very well under NUCCA care. The digestive system is very sensitive to changes in your nervous system. It has its own special nerve pathway to communicate with the brain to make sure that digestion happens exactly the way it should. When an atlas subluxation is present, it can have a profound impact on the way these message are communicated, often leaving people feeling bloated, constipated, or with other symptoms such as acid reflux.

Once detected, this interference in the way the nerves are communicating can be corrected, resulting in everything working the way it should. The tissues in the digestive system heal quickly, which means that you can be back to living a happy, healthy life in no time! Call Wood Chiropractic today to see if we might be able to help.