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There’s no need to detail the agony that accompanies migraines. Those who suffer with them, together with their loved ones, know how severely migraine headaches interfere with every aspect of day-to-day life. They strike at any time, and often leave their victim feeling helpless and miserable for hours to days at a time. But with NUCCA care at Wood Chiropractic there is hope!

Many have found relief after years, decades, or even a lifetime of suffering from migraines through NUCCA care. The slight misalignment in the upper neck, known as an atlas subluxation, has been shown to change the way blood flows to and from the brain. This has been strongly implicated as one of the key players in migraine susceptibility.

Patients who come to Wood Chiropractic seeking migraine relief often find it after even a single correction of the upper neck, removing the misalignments that cause migraine headaches in the first place. No drug, no surgery, no therapy is necessary. You can begin living a pain-free life today!

What Patients are saying:

"I have suffered migraines for about 37 years. Recently I endured them for six consecutive weeks. I went to see Dr. Wood and after one adjustment have seen major improvement. I have had only one migraine in over a month. This is so exciting because this could be life-changing for me! I also have had much relief from some digestive issues that I have been having for several years. The adjustment is not what one would think and is very unique. As a matter of fact I had to ask Dr. Wood, "Is that it?" You barely feel a thing and there is no discomfort. Dr. Wood is very friendly and professional. He is very thorough and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. He has a true passion for his profession and it truly shows. I have referred several family members and friends. I highly recommend Dr. Wood!" R.C.

Migraine FAQs

Q: What causes migraines?

A: No one is 100% certain. The best evidence suggests that migraines result from changes in the blood flow to and from the brain. While many people have certain triggers for their migraines (certain tastes, smells, or weather), these triggers all seem to set the same process in motion with the change in blood vessels in the neck and brain. Research indicated that a NUCCA correction actually changes the way blood and cerebral spinal fluid flow to and from the brain. This may account for the overwhelming success migraine sufferers have under NUCCA care.

Q: Migraines run in my family. Can you still help me?

A: People have some interesting ideas about genes and heredity. Your genes are not your destiny, and change constantly due to the decisions you make, the food you eat, the air you breath, your stress levels, and the health of your nervous system. Wood Chiropractic has helped whole families of migraine sufferers. So rather than letting your family history of migraines discourage you from coming in, bring the whole family with you instead!