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The joint that connects the jaw to the skull, the temperomandibular joint (or TMJ), is the most complex joint in the human body, responsible for opening and closing your jaw, as well as gliding it forward and backward, and side to side. We use it over 5,000 times a day whenever we eat, speak, or smile.

If these intricate movements are not perfectly executed by the nerves that control the jaw muscles, dysfunction can quickly arise in the form of pain, clicking, ringing in the ears, toothaches, and many others. While most of us take for granted how often we use our jaws, and in so many ways, those who suffer from TMJ dysfunction are painfully aware of what an important role it plays in our day-to-day lives.

The TMJ is controlled by nerves that come from the upper neck. A misalignment there can be easily detected at Wood Chiropractic. Once corrected, the message going to the muscles that control the TMJ begin working in perfect harmony again, coordinating the complex jaw movements that we use every day. Put yourself on the path to healing today by giving us a call or stopping in!