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Those who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia experience a pain shooting into their face that is so extreme, with so little hope of relief, that it has been called the “suicide disease”.

A well known book by James Tomasi, titled What Time Tuesday, outlines the author’s own experience with this maddening disease, pushing him right to the brink of taking his own life. At the last moment, he discovered that there was hope through NUCCA.

After careful examination, the doctors found a misalignment in his upper neck. Once that misalignment was removed, his nervous system began working properly again, and the pain that James struggled with was gone for the first time in 12 years.

This same powerful story has played out in the lives of countless individuals who, after suffering from the “suicide disease” and pushed to their own limits, found permanent relief through NUCCA care. If you or a loved one has trigeminal neuralgia, don’t wait one more second. Begin the road to recovery today and regain your life!