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Your initial visit to Wood Chiropractic will begin with a detailed history of your ailments followed by a thorough explanation of our procedures. A specialized, completely non-invasive exam will be performed to determine whether or not you might have an atlas subluxation (see Can We Help?). 

First, a nerve scan will be performed along your spine using infrared thermography. This will determine if there are any neurological imbalances from one side of your body to the other. The results of the scan will appear on a computer monitor, and Dr Wood will review the significance of the findings with you.


Then a leg length analysis and postural screening will be performed. One of the many essential functions of the brain stem is controlling your postural muscles. Any pressure on the brain stem from an atlas subluxation will manifest itself as postural distortion. You can do a quick check for yourself right now by looking in the mirror. Is the bottom of one ear lobe lower than the other? Is one shoulder slightly higher? Our precision instruments and expert skill will determine exactly what postural distortions are expressing themselves in your body.

If after this initial exam the doctor determines that you likely have an atlas subluxation, a set of very precise X-rays of your upper neck will be taken. The amount of radiation is limited by special filters so that your exposure will be less than during a flight from New York to LA. This will conclude your first visit.


Dr Wood will then spend approximately an hour analyzing your films to determine the exact direction of your atlas subluxation in three dimensions down to the fraction of a degree.

On your second visit Dr Wood will deliver a very gentle, precise adjustment to your atlas by applying a very subtle pressure just below your ear. After the adjustment, which involves no cracking, twisting, or popping, a second set of X-rays will be taken to ensure that the adjustment was delivered properly. You will begin noticing many changes in your body over the following 24 hours. The staff at Wood Chiropractic will prepare you for a life without subluxation!

Dr Wood will develop a care plan with you, to ensure that the the subluxation is removed and remains that way, allowing your brain and body to communicate with each other once again.